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Internet Saviors #sopajam game

I finished a quick game as part of #sopajam to protest the SOPA and PIPA acts.

Read more about it on the Internet Saviors  page.

New app “A Visitor”

I finally finished another application.  I worked on it for the Ludum Dare 22 Jam competition.   I’d like to add more levels and polish it up in a few places, so it’s still officially a Beta version for now.

Here’s a screenshot:


And here is the main page where it can be downloaded: A Visitor

StarBlock in one hour

I made a game for the Zero Hour game jam.  You can read more about it on the StarBlock page.

Ludum Dare competition miniLD 28

I spent a little time this weekend working on a game for the Ludum Dare miniLD 28 competition.

It turned out ok.  With a little more time, it could be a decent app.

If you want to try it in beta form, it’s in the market here as “Laser Flowers Free

New App SpeedTrack

Record your speed with the SpeedTrack Android app!


See screenshots and read more here:

Android Market link:

Also available for iPhone:




FlashLight Permissions to Modify System Settings

I noticed comments on other flashlight apps where people weren’t happy with the apps having permission to modify system settings.  I just added this permission to my FlashLight app so I’ll explain why.  With the EVO I tested with for a few minutes, I was unable to modify the screen brightness.  Temporarily disabling auto brightness should allow things to work fine.   But, auto brightness mode is a system setting, so doing this requires permission to modify the system settings.

If Android permissions reported had finer granularity, it would be more obvious that the FlashLight app really only needs to change the auto brightness setting.  That’s something that would be nice for a later Android release.

Here’s how it’s used:

FlashLight stores your original auto brightness setting before temporarily disabling it.  It restores the setting anytime FlashLight is not showing on the screen.  If somehow the phone crashes or loses power while showing FlashLight on the screen, the FlashLight app will still restore your  setting the next time it runs.

FlashLight Update for Froyo and Auto Brightness

I got to test my FlashLight app on an HTC EVO a couple weeks ago and the brightness setting didn’t work.  After looking into why, it was probably because of the auto brightness setting on the EVO.  That’s a little surprising since auto brightness wasn’t a problem with the original Motorola Droid.  I made some updates to FlashLight that should set the brightness on all phones, but I don’t have an EVO to test it yet :(.  If setting brightness doesn’t work on your phone, let me know which phone you have, and I’ll fix it as fast as I can — thanks!

New Android App Coming soon

The new app is a game I’ve been working on since the January. Wow, that’s a long time ago, but with a real job and kids, I only get a few hours per week to work on it. It’s starting to look decent now, so hopefully it’ll be mostly done in the next month. It might take another month to polish it up and test it.

Flashlight Updated to Save Colors

I made an update to FlashLight so you don’t have to change the color each time you open it.

Someone requested this, and I think it makes sense.

I’ve been debating adding something like this for a while.  I’ll probably add a checkbox somewhere to make it optional and also add a couple more small things like saving more than one color.  I’d still like to keep it simple and easy to use.  If you have any suggestions or requests, please send them in.

First Android app

I uploaded my first app to the android market.  It’s called FlashLight.  I put screenshots and more details on the FlashLight page here.